LED Cultilite

The creation of each Cultilite’s product represents a true challenge for us: to put at the service of our biggest passion, the indoor growing, all the technical competences acquired through years of experience in this sector.

The particular attention we pay to our customers’ needs by picking up and elaborating their feedback, allow us to realize a continuous work of research and improvement in order to get always better products and to suit growers more and more aware and informed.

Our Design Offices located in England put a lot of effort into analyzing and testing our competitor’s lamps in order to collect all the needed information to realize lamp more reliable, durables and well-performing, by focusing basically on the following points:

High quality American diodes Bridgelux:

the first problem that the growers who start to use LED panels instead of HPS lamps are forced to face is the high heat sensibility of the Chinese low quality diodes commonly used to create LEDs dedicated to the indoor growing: thanks to the cooperation we keep up from years with different research laboratories located in California, we have been able to study and test on ground the best diodes present in the market; the most relevant resulted to be the American diodes “Bridgelux”, high quality chip resistant to high temperatures (up to 150°C).

Improved cooling system:

beside the use of better quality components, we decided to redesign the entire cooling system to avoid every possible risk of overheating: the common aluminum heat sink resulted insufficient to conduct the heat generated by the lamp and was replaced with special sink of our production realized in copper, notoriously one of the best material able lead the heat.

More power and less volume:

also the internal structure of the panels has been revised and optimized: thanks to special tricks, we were able to create spots containing 25 diodes each, to make the panels more powerful, but reducing its dimention… this is an advantage for retailers, that will see the transport charges reduced, and for the end users, that can use our panels also in small, or very small, settings.

Modular lighting:

another innovation concerns the modular lighting mode: we’ve introduced the possibility to turn on half of panel or the entire panel making the grower able to increase or decrease the light emitted, tuning on the plants’ needs based on the stage of growth.
Basically, this point means lower energy consumption and, as consequence, lower cost charged to the grower.

5+1 band spectrum:

the choice of the color bands deserves a special mention: to be sure to choose the best possible combination of colors, we ‘re cooperating with botanists from different University and Research Centers.

Photosynthesis is the process through which plants produce carbohydrates starting from simple elements like water and Carbon Dioxide, helped by energy given from the sun: we decided to extrapolate the peaks of maximum light’s absorption by plants, referring to the experiments conducted by our partners laboratories.

Once identified the peaks, we chose the diodes correspondent to those particular wavelengths and we fuse them in order to get the best efficient light combination, suitable for growing and blooming stages.

For each spot you thereby will find the following number of diodes:
669nm : 12pcs  639nm : 6pcs  615nm : 2pcs  469nm : 2pcs  439nm : 2pcs  740nm : 1pcs

New 90° optic lens:

the optic lens associated to each chip have the propriety to diverge the light emitted  from the diodes to cover a higher space portion: whether the optical lent expands excessively the light  there is a risk to get an excessive dispersions of light and to suffer a lack of effectiveness.

Replace the classical optical lens at 120° with the new lens at 90° allows to concentrate the light beam on a surface of lower dimensions in order to increase  the final production of the plant.

Cultilite’s new LEDs can be connected one to each other through the universal plug placed on the back of the case and each module is provided with a dedicated power device: this makes the repair easier and quicker.
Cultilite’s LED lamps are available in the following wattages: 150w, 300w, 450w.


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