MH are available in following wattages:

The coloration, 2100 ° K, is the most suitable for the development of the plant and corresponds to Agro lamps spectrum.

Full cycle: It can be successfully used during the whole life of the plant even if it gives the best in flowering or fructification.

  • High light Output
  • Improved quality of emitted Light
  • High emission of PAR Radiation
WattVoltageCurrentLuminous FluxLuminous EfficiencyColor TemperatureLifeBase TypeIgnitionInput
250 W220-240 V3.0A28,000 lm112 lm / W2100K24000 hrsE404/5 kVs620 mA
400 W220-240 V4.6A49,000 lm60 lm / W2100K10000 hrsE404/5 kVs620 mA
600 W220-240 V6.2 A75,000 lm125 lm / W2100K24000 hrsE404/5 kVs620 mA