HPS / MH– Lamps

Increased light and photon flux compared to standard HPS Lamps. Reliable operation throughout the growth cycle. Zirconium gettering system that provides stable PAR maintenance and uniform plant growth. Holy emission of PAR radiations (Photosyntecally active radiations), to maximize light’s absoption and therefore the final yield. Shock resistant and reinforced mouting for enhanced reliability and longer life. Nickel plated corrosion resistant ceramic base E40 CAP suitable for damp environment.

hpsmhHps are available in following wattages:

  • SON-T – AGRO 150W
  • SON-T – AGRO 250W
  • SON-T – AGRO 400W
  • SON-T – AGRO 600W
  • SON-T – AGRO 1000W

MH are available in following wattages:

  • MH PLUS 150W
  • MH PLUS 250W
  • MH PLUS 400W
  • MH PLUS 600W

New Dual Express, HPS Agro-FullCycle Lamp

dual express agro The coloration, 2100 ° K, is the most suitable for the development of the plant and corresponds to Agro lamps spectrum. Full cycle: It can be successfully used during the whole life of the plant even if it gives the best in flowering or fructification.  

  • High light Output
  • Improved quality of emitted Light
  • High emission of PAR Radiation
Watt Voltage Current Luminous Flux Luminous Efficiency Color Temperature Life Base Type Ignition Input
250 W 220-240 V 3.0A 28,000 lm 112 lm / W 2100K 24000 hrs E40 4/5 kVs 620 mA
400 W 220-240 V 4.6A 49,000 lm 60 lm / W 2100K 10000 hrs E40 4/5 kVs 620 mA
600 W 220-240 V 6.2 A 75,000 lm 125 lm / W 2100K 24000 hrs E40 4/5 kVs 620 mA