Nebula PRO
Quantum Board  

Nebula Pro is the new Quantum Board series by Cultilite by Nanolux; after the great success of the first versions of the Nebula, the two companies have decided to increase the performance of these lamps by creating the new PRO version.
Improving the lightweight and ultra-compact design, the efficiency of the diodes and the driver, also made with Samsung and Osram chips.

Full Spectrum +UV & IR - Different spectrum combination modes can be selected
individually, suitable for different growth stages of plants.
Light weight and compact design - 40% transport cost reduce
IP65 waterproof for moisture and dust - IP65 is essential and necessary to ensure the life of a device in an environment hard.
110V-277V - Available with various power plugs NEMA for a wider range of voltage used.
0-10V - Compatible with various control systems on the market.