Star Trek 630
Led Bar 630

The Star Trek Led Bar 630 born from a collaboration between Cultilite and Nanolux; two leading brands in the horticultural lighting.

Made with Samsung + Osram chips; efficiency 3.0 µmol/s/J, lightweight and compact design; it is an excellent solution for your indoor cultivation.

  • Lightweight and compact design - Only 6.5kg, the lightest on the market; the size 118x8x9cm guarantees not to be a hindrance to sunlight for greenhouse plants.
  • 630W - 1824 Diodes - 1152 Cool White, 384 Warm White and 288 Red.
  • Ultra wide input voltage meets the needs in all applications - 90V-305V for home and indoor cultivation; instead 315V-528V for outdoors such as the greenhouse.
  • Full Spectrum - For flowering and vegetative suitable for both cultivation indoor and greenhouse.
  • IP65 waterproof for moisture and dust - IP65 is essential and necessary to ensure the life of a device in an environment hard.
  • 0-10V regulation makes centralized control available also an external controller - The control module in the luminaire can activate/deactivate the lighting control of group vailable along with fine adjustment attenuation of 20% ~ 100%.
  • Area - Ideale per uno spazio di coltivazione di 150x150cm.
  • 2.9 μmol/s/J high efficiency
  • 1800 μmol/s PPF output
  • 120 ° light distribution
  • Samsung + Osram Chips
  • Dimming 0-10v
  • ETL/FCC/CE/EAC Certified Respected
  • Power Factor > 0.97
  • IP rating IP65
  • AC 110V-277V Voltage
  • 50/60Hz Frequency
  • Weight 11.9Kg
  • Dimension LxWxH (cm) 113.5x111x8.3